Let’s say you’ve created, crafted, and carved out a small business that’s all yours – where creative and financial independence meet.

But let's say you still feel a bit all over the place when it comes to how you're sharing yourself with your dream customer.

Or maybe you’re stuck with a less than ideal online shop solution – with no control, too many fees, and feeling anything but independent.

Indie Shopography helps you get your creative business up and running the way you want it to be – with the tools, the steps, and the guide to get you there.

I'm Emily Thompson, and I’ll be your guide.

I work to help you find your voice, find your positioning, and find your place in the world, whether that be online or in your hometown. But I don't only help you find it, I help you build it.

Listen we all know creative entrepreneurs don’t tend to move in straight lines. I know I don’t.

I love the twists and turns of the journey as much as the destination.

But there comes a point where you need an expert to help you get paid for your creative product, get serious about your brand and your website, and get growing.

If not in a straight line, then at least in a beautiful and strategically-structured one.

Indie Shopography is my step-by-step proven approach to helping you plan, launch, and manage your creative business.

The tools, the steps, and the guide, for the creative business you've always wanted, the way you want it to be.

Indie Shopography offers brand design + development, strategy consulting,
and web design + development for creative entrepreneurs.
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Design + Strategy

When your business's look and feel matches your core mission and purpose, magic happens.

You have mere seconds to grab your dream customer's attention, and starting out with a fresh, concise design is the best way to get that attention, and make them interested in all the wonderful things you do.

Indie Shopography design + strategy offering, IndieBOOM, is The Help you need to get your business up and running online, and as professionally as you can get.

Guidance + Mentoring

Navigating your path of creative entrepreneurship is quite a task. But — luckily — you don't have to go at it alone.

Indie Shopography offers guidance and mentoring to help you get to where you want to go. Whether you'd like help coming up with marketing ideas, planning your website, or strategizing your online presence. With 8 years of business ownership under my belt, I am sure I can help you get to where you need to be.

My strategy approach is all about actionable steps, not just a bunch of woo-woo-but-what-do-I-do-next. So, if you're ready to get your sh*t done, then see what's best for your needs (or contact me for a little guidance), and let's rock it.

eCourses + Subscriptions

Whether you're just starting up, or already knee-deep in your biz, we believe that it's always a good time to expand your horizons.

We offer several learning opportunities throughout the year, including our eCourses and Get Your Sh*t Together subscription (a crowd favorite).

get your sh*t together

After a particularly fun [and successful] blog series where I – and a couple of my favorite creative friends – shared how it is that we get our shit together and run our creatives businesses, I created this exclusive-content email subscription where I share my deepest and darkest how-tos when it comes to living my life and running my business.

Written with creative entrepreneurs in mind, Get Your Sh*t Together Subscription is a 6-week, exclusive email series that puts some serious know-how, tactics, tips, and advice on how to live your life, run your biz, and love them both.

If you'd like in on how it is that I get my shit together, and get a couple of handy and awesome printables while you're at it, then this subscription is for you.

Oh man, we love our creative clients. That's the folks we're here for: the creatives.

Now, I'll be honest, we have a pretty open definition of "creative." But, just to give you an idea, we love working with independent creatives and micro businesses.

Some of our past dream clients have included chefs, interior designers, pattern designers, photographers, stationers, jewelry makers, bakers, wedding planners, and shop owners/curators.

We love hooking up with movers and shakers in the independent business economy. Or, at least those who are aspiring to be just that.

OUR DREAM CLIENT: A guy or gal with a mission to shock the world, with a creative product or service, and with an appreciation for lookin' good.

You are an expert at your craft, and need an expert to help you bring it to life, through the development of positioning, the design of a brand, the strategy to get it going, and the online presence to bring it to the world.

You kinda rock socks, and you're ready to blow minds.

Chances are: we're just as stoked to work with you as you are to work with us.



I suppose "founder + designer" makes me the head honcho around here, huh?

My cocktail pitch: I'm Emily Thompson, and I'm a designer and strategist for creative entrepreneurs.

My cocktail of choice: gin + tonic with lime.

At Indie Shopography, I'm the designer. All design and consulting is done by me, as well as most of the website development (see Corey, for details).

Most days you can find me in the studio working hard to help my clients attain their big business dreams. I work to help you find your voice, find your positioning, and find your place in the world.

But, I don't only help you find it, I help you build it.



Corey is our resident client support and web helper guy. I pull him into projects when I need an extra coding hand, but for the most part Corey's main focus is post-project work with current clients.

So, once a project is launched, Corey's your guy when it comes to website maintenance and support. He's on board to answer questions and get to any post-project goodies you've got in store, and usually with a little sass, for your pleasure.

Corey is also the SEO guy, which is something that kinda makes my head spin. He's pretty fab at it.

When not working, Corey is – as you may have guessed – a gamer and super nerd. Nerds unite!





Around the studio, David's the guy who makes sure the bills get paid, and that Corey and I stay on track with client projects.

To clients, David's the person you chat with when it comes to booking, scheduling, and any billing questions.

Pretty much, if it has to do with money or scheduling, David's your go-to. He takes care of that so that I can focus on design.

And just to diffuse any confusion, away from the studio David is also my main squeeze and baby-daddy. Talk about a mix of work and life, yea?

David also moonlights (or morning-lights?) as a Geography instructor at the local university.



Ever since I started designing all those years ago, having my own design studio was – of course –  a dream. So, when we signed the lease for our little studio space in October 2013, you can imagine the vast number of happy dances that ensued.

I've worked hard to make the space a visual expansion of the Indie Shopography brand, keeping it clean and fresh, but cozy and inviting. With lots of tech, a good dose of geekery, and enough inspiration to fuel a creative revolution.

Also, a mini bar. Because I said so.

We love inviting our local clients into our space, and enjoy hosting small get-togethers with local creatives, and maybe a Doctor Who party or two.

We don't keep strict business hours – I mean, we are creatives – but feel free to stop by if you're ever around. I'm pretty addicted to the place.

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