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is an 6-module program to help you, well, rock your web design business. You get 48 actionable video lessons and a library of materials to teach you how to position yourself as an expert, ask for what you’re worth, and launch client websites like a boss.

It’s processes, checklists, email templates, and more - everything you need to book and nurture clients, from the moment they see your website, until you’re handing them the keys to their own online castle (read: website).

Think of it as a business-in-a-box, with guidance to help you implement. The box is your laptop, I am your guide, and you get everything you need to rock out your web design business.

“This course was amazing!

For a newer web designer this course was exactly what I was looking for. It gave me insight into best practices for leading your clients through the hectic process of building a website.

I was able to take the actual documents Emily uses and adapt them for my needs and brand. I feel so much more prepared to rock my web design business ”


“After taking this course, I updated my packages, adjusted my prices, and created Sales Slides to share with potential clients. I've already been using the email templates, interview call outline, and Sales Slides and... I've felt more prepared when talking to clients.”

I've felt more prepared when talking to clients.” - SAMANTHA M.

For the past seven years I have worked with creative entrepreneurs to help them launch not only websites, but online businesses. Through my web design business, Indie Shopography, I have used this work to grow my expertise to become an online business coach and strategist, helping hundreds of creatives launch online businesses making money doing what they love.

I also shares my expertise on the Being Boss podcast, in partnership with Kathleen Shannon, where we team up to discuss life and work as creative online entrepreneurs, tackling topics like money, feeling like a fraud, and what it takes to be boss.

When not designing sales pages, podcasting, and answering emails, I like to cook, play cards, and do some hearty front porch sitting on my porch in Chattanooga, TN.

Emily Thompson

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