Your Wolf Pack

Sometimes I look around and am amazed - not by what I’ve accomplished in the last few years - but who I’ve gotten to accomplish it with.

The folks that I have cultivated in my pack - my wolf pack, as I like to call them - are pretty cool cats, if you can stand the juxtaposition there.

From my employees and partners, to the clients that I now call friends, and the randos (millennial for “random people”) who have become dear friends and peers, both in my business and in my “real life,” my wolf pack is full of superstars. They’re seriously rad people who are killing it in their own way.

When I can look around at the people around me and see badass bosses aiming for their first million-dollar-year (and totally have it in sight), growing businesses with heart and passion and meaning, starting and growing families, making differences in their communities - online and off, and doing shit that they love, I can’t help but be in awe of each of them. Because they rock my socks.

And because they’re so awesome, it makes me want to be more awesome, too.

They’re also the folks that see my awesomeness as well, and they appreciate me as much as I appreciate them. Every boss needs people like that in their lives.

Cultivating a pack around you that uplifts you is imperative for long-term success, and happiness in doing this independent, online business thing. We all know it can get lonely.

So, how did I start my pack?

Unintentionally, but apparently with an open heart.

Each person in my pack came to me at the right time, either by commenting on a post, shooting me an email, or hiring me (or sometimes me hiring them).

I didn’t wake up one day and say, “I want a wolf pack; time to go a-hunting!” I just wake up every day and am open to whatever comes my way, and in several instances, it's just what I need. It’s just what we all need.

Qualities I like in pack members:

  • they’re great listeners
  • they share their struggles openly, no shame in their game
  • they also share and celebrate their wins, because wins are more important than the icky stuff
  • they make chatting with you a priority, because they value your relationship
  • they’re good/smart/rad people, but are also aware of - and not ashamed of - their shortcomings

Basically, pack members are the kinds of people you like chatting with. They are valuable to you, and you can give them value as well, either as a business relationship, or as a dear friend - and sometimes, when you’re lucky - but also kinda careful, they’re both.

Cultivating your pack is what can help you reach your next level. Be open to inviting them in.

Connect (or reconnect) with someone who’s made a positive impact on you, big or small. Reach out to someone you admire and request a Skype date. Show up, and be open to the relationship that could grow from it.

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