Testimonials Sell

In the world of online business, where customers and clients don't get to hold your products or meet you face-to-face over a cozy cocktail, you have to be very discerning with how you use the written word to communicate the quality of your goods and services.

You can give your products clever, eye-catching names. You can have a website that oozes professionalism. You can use your social media to show that you have some serious chops.

In fact, all of those are great ideas, but there's another that will have a massive outcome like no other.


Testimonials are content gold for showing potential buyers that what you're offering is worth what you're asking.

It doesn't matter if you're selling lip balm or coaching services, dispersing any hesitations a potential customer may have by sharing the feedback of someone who's already experienced the awesomeness of your product or service works is one of the most effective ways to turn a looker into a buyer.


Revisit your website and sprinkle testimonials everywhere - on your home page and about page, on your sales pages and product descriptions. Use them in your newsletters.

Don't have any or need more? Ask your customers or clients for feedback! Then use them!

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