Test and Change

I once thought about becoming a stationery designer. I tried it out for a few weeks, and it wasn't as fulfilling as I thought, so I stopped. Instead, I decided to get back to doing what I already found fulfilling.

There was another time that I tried my hand at being a travel writer. Not my forte, but it was fun.

I spent over 6 years designing websites for creatives. It taught me a lot of things and fed my family, but it started standing between me and my next thing. So I moved on to focus on not only what fed my belly, but what fed my soul.

"Play is the highest form of research."
-Albert Einstein

Test and change could become my catch-phrase, if only it were funnier. Because, boy is it useful.

Going at life as if it's just a giant experiment is how you have fun! It's how you make discoveries, about yourself as well as the world around you.

A decision is only wrong because you tell it that it is. Your decision to launch the thing, send the email, ask for what you want is not wrong, even if you "fail.”

Me? I've had 5 businesses so far in my life. FIVE! I've never made a wrong choice. Maybe not the best choice a fair handful of times, but never a wrong one. Each choice has taught me something, either about what works or doesn't work, and now I'm here stronger because of every decision, no matter the outcome.

They key is that I made the decision in the first place.

Because I understand the ease with which you can test and change.

Want to try a pop-up on your homepage? Give it a go - you can remove it if you don't like it. Test and change.

Want to see if you could rock out being a redhead? Hell, why not. Test and change.

Interested in learning to start a podcast, hand-letter, or speak Russian? Take it for a whirl. Test and change.

The only thing you'll regret is not doing anything. So, make up your mind and see what happens. Because even if the outcome isn't exactly what you want, you'll know how not to do it the next time. Like a boss.

I want to challenge you to adopt the "test and change" mindset. Make a decision today just to test something out. See what happens.

- - - -

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