Reevaluating Your Role in Your Business

Working for yourself means that you spend a lot of your time doing things you may not necessarily love, like invoicing, emailing, or marketing yourself. Basically, this is just part of the gig, but it's important to keep in mind what you love most about your job, and what you wish you could do less of.

What I love doing most in my business:

  • I love recording podcasts. Kathleen and I have a blast showing up and jamming about all matter of bossness. And it's not just about sharing my own opinions, because I swear I take just as much out of our recordings (especially with guests) as our listeners do.
  • I love planning large projects in Asana. My brain works really well with breaking down large things into little actionable steps, and doing this makes everyone (including just myself) super productive. It facilitates big things to happen with ease. Makes me feel boss.
  • I love doing webinars, masterclasses, and Q+A calls. Sprinkling some planned screen time with my tribe throughout my monthly calendar makes me happy. I love showing up, sharing my gifts of knowledge, and helping my fellow creatives run a better online business.
  • I love working through systems to make everything run better. From how I onboard clients to what we do when someone new purchases a product, I like making my business run smoothly. Because smoothly means everyone is happy, and profit it easier.

What I want to do less of:

  • I hate managing my inbox. The amount of little emails that stare me in the face on a daily basis makes me cringe away from even checking my inbox. Also, typing has started bruising my finger tips (not even kidding), so I'm developing a particularly strong dislike for all the typing. I'm trying to keep my inbox from making me develop some scary anxiety, but it seems to be happening anyhow.
  • I'm about done with writing marketing emails. I've not-so-joked many times that I make a living not as a podcaster or web designer, but as an email writer. And, really, it's not a joke; it's real life.
  • Social media-ing. I feel like as I get older, I'm wanting to become more and more of a hermit, because I don't care about sharing my food much anymore. Or, maybe I just need a serious vacation. We'll start with that.

Now, when it comes to hiring and delegating, I know what items I want to keep for myself and make more time for, and what things I need to be handing off to others.

Because if you don't like doing something, you're not going to do it your best.

You could be handing those "I want to do less of" items off to someone who likes doing them and will actually do them better than you do!

Or, at least you will know that these are the frogs you need to eat first thing so that you can spend more time doing what you love.

For more about my quest to live what I love and help you do the same, check out my blog post on Being Boss, Live What You Love.

Do your own lists for what you love doing and what you want to do less of. See what comes up for you, and see how you can begin transitioning yourself in your business.

- - - -

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