How to Share Your Expertise

You know it to be true: you're one smart cookie.

You have skills you want to share with the world. You want to share your art, your experience, your passion.

You have worked hard to cultivate an expertise, and are building a business around it.

But how do you share your expertise? How do you let the world know that you're here, ready to serve and deliver?

There are a number of things that I truly love about the internet. One of them is that you get access to a bajillion people really, really easily. So, the opportunity is there, and I'll let you know some of my favorite ways to share with them what you've got going down.

1 - Guest posting.

If you're looking to grow your list, increase your traffic, and share your knowledge nuggets and you're not guest posting, then you haven't taken step number one. Take it.

Guest posting doesn't mean that you have to become a blogger, but it does mean that you put together some really rad blog posts for other peoples' blogs.

2 - Free coaching mini-sessions.

I started doing these years ago without even knowing it was a thing (hello, business intuition) under the moniker of 3-in-30 sessions.

I release these free coaching sessions to my list to help nurture my subscribers, and both the people who get coached and myself take a ton out of them. I'm stretching my expertise muscles, sharing it with some willing participants, gaining content ideas, and have even converted a couple into paying clients.

3 - Host a webinar.

I know that hosting a webinar can seem really intimidating. I was scared to death the first time I hosted a webinar, but now it's one of my favorite things that I do.

Once you get over the hump of planning and implementing, you'll see all the blatant benefits that come from sharing your expertise in this way.

You'll grow your list, position yourself as an expert, be in it as an online entrepreneur, gain tons of insight into the kinds of content your people are interested in, and nurture your tribe to make it easy for them to trust you and your expertise.

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