Building an online business is the best decision that I ever made. I love the internet, I love how it connects us all, and I love that it gives me the ability to use my entrepreneur brain in a way that also allows me to build a life that I love, working from home, homeschooling my kid, with mid-day walks when I please.

But, the self-discipline, the not knowing, the constant fucking hustle sure wears me out, and I know I'm not the only one.

If you're struggling with making this work for you, I encourage you not to give up. Not yet.

I've been thinking back to my first year or two of business a lot lately. As my own business(es) grow, I have to admit that a lot of the same questions and uncertainties from 5 or 6 years ago are still ringing true.

No matter the season, I catch myself staring longingly out the window, wondering what I need to hustle out to retire when I'm 35, because sitting in front of this computer really isn't the most inspiring place for me to spend my day.

I don’t have all the answers, but I can offer some guidance. To those of you out there struggling to make this work, in whatever way that means to you at the moment, here are some little tasks to help you move forward - some tips to help you gain some traction today:

1 - Write an essay.

You know that topic that's nagging you in the back of your head? Get it out of you. Then publish it - to your blog, your email newsletter, or your Instagram feed.

Make it long, short, emotional. Just get it out, and share your message.

2 - Write that email.

You know the one. The one to praise that inspiring client, or to fire that client that's making you miserable, or to your business bestie, or that potential lead.

Keep this one short and sweet, and hit send.

3 - Outline that thing.

Your next digital product, product line, marketing campaign, website sitemap - whatever it is, put it on paper. Get it out of your head, and into action.

Then task it out, and make it do.

4 - Take a breather.

Yesterday I walked away after a meeting to sit in the sunshine on my front porch. I was leaving an intense to-do list and a swirl of post-meeting ideas, but I had to walk away.

It's easy to get caught up in All The Things and forget to take a moment to let things settle, to recalibrate your priorities, and to live in the moment, and not in your task list. It's ok to step away.

You'll be able to get it done once you have a moment to reset.

If you're feeling the pressure to succeed, sell, grow, and share, do something to move you along, and change your perspective around how you feel about it. If you're choosing to run an online business, this is your life. You chose this. Come to terms with the energy it takes to do this thing, this thing that you know will make a difference in people's lives (or else you wouldn't be doing it).

If you learn to manage it, you'll get there. It's just one tiny step at a time.

- - - -

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